Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gripey Griperson on social networks

Dearest devoted friend,

Here comes my two measly cents, darn tootin', just to prove I am not completely apathetic. My social network is great but I have a few bones to pick.

Socializing in cyber space has a coupla irksome pitfalls but no worries, there's a setting for that. :) (insert chime)

Those PSA-type posts are gettin' a little old. Some of them are legitimate statements of patriotism or political angst, I know. We're all outraged and shite. I'm fine with people postulating and such. Those posts just usually bore me and really only matter (at that moment) to the dude who posted it. But I get it and tolerate them pretty well. Some of them even ask you to re-post if you agree, blah, blah, blah. I never do it even if I do tend to agree. It's all just too chain-lettery and I abhor those. I simply hit the thumbs up button and get on my merry way. No offense.

Sorry guys, but that whole game of trying to taut the most righteous of ideals is not my kind of fun. Lemme tell ya, it brings me down. Kindly, spread misery someplace else. I know that stuff is out there. I just find that it's too depressing for this forum.

It should be understood that all of the people on my sharing list are quality people. I chose them, actually know them, accepted the request or whatever. I hope it is the same for you. I mean, I know some people have throngs of random people they collect like beanie babies just to see how many they can get. That's crackers! But mine have similar ideas and beliefs with me or have some commonality which I deem friend-worthy. I don't feel the need to lecture to them or make sure they are aware of the world's injustice. I trust that they all follow or make themselves aware of their own recipe of current events. This isn't to say that I dislike these people for their obvious burning need to share their views. It just makes me tired.

Look, see, I log on to read the little tidbits, brags on kids, pet news, inane comments, cute baby pics and other oddities. Spare me your political crapola.

Eh, I guess causes are fine. It seems everyone has one. I know I am free to just decline the offer to donate, even though I do sometimes feel guilty when my budget limits me. My biggest concern is that I often hope my friend doesn't take it personally. Because, of course, I fully support her efforts even if I can't donate.

Sage quotes are great, usually very uplifting, comforting, thought provoking.
Pics are welcomed. I get the strange sensation of actually having a visit sometimes from seeing them. All of it, awesome!

Hey, I can even tolerate the occasional ad for someone's business. But too much of that hawking and I wonder if I'm part of a client base instead of a friends list. But no bother, I can just ignore those, too. Again, no offense.

I tell ya, I truly enjoy music posts or a line of a song's lyrics put in for a status update. Love those. Music heals my soul.

But Lawd, puleeze spare me the play-bye-play to the grocery. My screen is small and it wastes my energy scrolling past crap like that.

Oh, and I never respond to game requests or other stuff like that, again, they bore me, sorry.

The zany stuff gets my attention.
I love a good piculiarity post, a scientific discovery.

Truly, the honest pleas for emotional support move me. I feel connected to you by them. I heartily pray for you.
Sharing a laugh or sending a cheer is what I signed up for with this thing. Love to say Happy Birthday to ya. Appreciated your kind words during a time of sorrow.

Thankfully, I have regained touch with friends long lost.
Plus, alerted my neighbors to a turkey loose on the streets. The list is too long to share.

I think of it as an extension of the ties that bind, like the old phone ad about reaching out and touching someone. I feel less homesick for my home town, more connected than ever. But I don't come to be guilted or lectured. I have sense. I'm aware of the maddening world.

Now, I am not hatin' on you for having passion of your beliefs. But if I'm honest, I probably have your rantings set to "hidden".

By all means, tell me about your vacation, the kids, your crazy cat and even your trials and tribs - because I care about you. But unless I open a convo or debate with you about a highly charged issue (never gonna happen) don't be looking for a response from me.

I come on here for catching up and enjoying a bit of contact, nothing more.

And so people of my cyber social realm, I say unto you;
do as you will,
post as you like
but just know, (as in real life) I am tuning out your hot air, albeit lovingly.

And yep, I am aware this proves that I haven't really strayed from the snarky, smart-assed bitchy girl you remember:).

Oh my, there goes the sparkling image of my untarnished rise into adulthood so diligently designed in my profile to make myself and my life sound all shiny perfect... (insert laughter)

Tuh, yeah right... everyone knows better than to believe that crap. Right?

Thing is, bottom line, we all came here to make each other feel better not worse, blessed not jealous, hopeful not sour-pussed. I know it isn't exactly the same as real contact but then the world just isn't so accomodating anymore. I am just happy to be in touch with some of you at all. Without this mode it might never have happened.

So, for the luva God, entertain ME, please, don't bring me down!

Your friend

p.s. I hope my sayin' this won't change your affection for me. Cuz, I still totally love ya... mean it!