Thursday, November 5, 2009

Today is the first day of the rest of my life...

I am reading a little classic book entitled The Awakening. How in the world did I miss all these great classic novels, etc. back in high school? I discovered my love of reading once the books weren't assigned. Oh well.

Mom just left today and I already miss her. She is my one woman cheering squad and I could really use her around me more. I have been working on convincing her to move here but my husband keeps cracking jokes about putting her in a retirement home and I think she half believes him. Maybe someday she'll come. We had a great time on Halloween and she just loves the time with the kids. It was over too fast.

I am still researching my family history as often as possible. I love thinking about all the people in my tree and wondering what life was like way back when. Someday I will write up all the theories, hypotheses and actual stories I have collected and create the Great American Novel. Ha! Believe that when you see it. My favorite person to search for info on is Charlotte Elizabeth Wymer. Her story is intriguing. Wish I had her personal journal. Everyone should keep one. It would make things so much easier:) (And yes, I am adopted and I am not blood related to anyone in my family tree except my own children but I still find it fascinating and love to embrace my parents' bloodlines as my own.) My goal is to visit England and see the Norfolk and Devon Records Offices and more...

I watch a show on BBC called How Clean Is Your House to gain inspiration for housekeeping. It really motivates me.

I love All My Children, Jane Austen novels and Doris Day movies. Cary Grant is my ideal movie star man. Dean Martin is THE man. Plus, I get "star crushes" on actors like Gregory Peck or George Clooney everytime I see them in a movie. These are more like the flavor of the week and are ever-changing:)

I am tired of driving a minivan.

I love the beach.

I don't enjoy water parks.

When I get overwhelmed by noisy children and high energy stimulation I call it "getting the Chuck E. Cheeses" - obviously, I do not enjoy going there...

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Barbara said...

I guess this is why you are going to Norfolk.