Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Big, Big 'Fro (not) by Robert Burns

not by Robert Burns

my hair is like a big, big 'fro,

that's shaped up like a heart:

my hair is like the valentine,

that's given like a tart.

it is so huge, my giant 'fro,

so in high style am i:

and I will keep this style, of hair,

because it is so fly.

because it is so fly, my hair,

and i love it very much:

and i will keep this style, of hair,

shaped like a heart and such.

so think of us, my 'fro and i,

remember us with a smile,

for you can see my 'fro and i,

cross a country mile.

"My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose" is a 1794 song in Scots by Robert Burns based on traditional sources. The song is also referred to by the title My Love is Like A Red, Red Rose or Red, Red Rose and is often published as a poem.

When asked for the source of his greatest creative inspiration, American singer songwriter Bob Dylan selected Burns' 1794 song A Red, Red Rose, as the lyrics that have had the biggest impact on his life.

more about the real song... on wiki

thanks for the heart 'fro picture - not mine - cmh

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